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How to effectively strengthen your fitness routine with CBD

When focusing on alternative medicine, physical activity is one of the five aspects. The addition of short walks (up to 20 minutes) daily can have countless short and long term benefits. However, many people find it challenging to combine a fitness routine into their daily lives. Many people, including patients and athletes, have started looking into CBD to help them achieve this in recent years. In this article, we take a look at what CBD is and how it can help support and enhance your fitness program.

What is CBD?

There are a range of cannabinoids found in cannabis plants; CBD is one of them. CBD, unlike THC, is a non-psychoactive compound. It will not make you high, and it also means that you can legally include it as part of your diet. The properties and effects of CBD are very separate from THC, although the compounds themselves are very similar. Therefore CBD has caught the interest of many scientists and researchers for its medicinal benefits.

Fitness and CBD?

CBD can be used to assist with muscle gain. This applies to professional bodybuilders/athletes who are regularly pursuing a healthy lifestyle. But cannabinoids help with muscle gain/growth with two kinds of supplements, anabolic and anti-catabolic.

Anabolic Supplements:

These are designed to boost the anabolic hormones, which in turn speed up the process of muscle growth through the process of protein synthesis. Anabolic supplements are commonly referred to as steroids, are now known not to be the best choice if your looking for long-term benefits. This is because gaining muscle fast does not ensure that the body is healthy and in balance. It also doesn't mean that you can easily maintain muscle growth.

The higher use of anabolic supplements would result in fast muscle growth but also fast muscle loss as soon as the supplement is cut off, or the training becomes inconsistent for any reason such as sickness or injury. Professional athletes agree that maintaining gains is much more difficult than obtaining them. For this reason, many of them have started looking towards anti-catabolic supplements.

Anti-catabolic supplements:

Catabolic hormones accelerate muscle loss and strength loss; the body naturally tears down muscle tissue to reach the amino acids, a process also referred to as catabolizing. An anti-catabolic supplement (protein) will reduce these hormones, allowing you to maintain the hard-earned muscle gains. CBD compounds are amongst the most effective anti-catabolic supplements available today.

Cortisol is a catabolic hormone known as stress hormone; it increases blood sugar by breaking down muscles. Cortisol is usually either triggered by low blood sugar or by stress. ​Researchers have found that CBD can decrease cortisol levels in the body, and by including CBD in your workout, diet can help you maintain muscle gains easier.

CBD relieves inflammation

With exercise and working out, muscle soreness occurs. An intense exercise can cause tiny tears in the tissues that you only feel a few hours later or the next day and can last up to three days. For many years people have become prone to masking inflammation with drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen. However, research has shown that such medications might hinder the healing process by dampening the body's natural response.

There is a better alternative to deal with inflammation in a controlled and balanced way. A natural approach is a healthier choice, such as pineapples, mangoes, and ginger. Other studies have found CBD, an organic substance, to have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Using CBD will help your body heal faster and reduce symptoms of soreness without risking the effects of medications.

Sleep cycle

People that seek the best way to stay fit and healthy often focus on exercise routine, supplements, and diets. What many fail to see is that sleep is just as important, if not more. Not just any sleep, but a healthy and consistent sleep. Insufficient rest will prevent your body from adapting to the best diets and exercise routines. There are countless benefits from sound sleep, especially for people that exercise. It produces the growth hormone, restores brain cells and protein synthesis (ensure you eat before going to bed to trigger this).

Without proper sleep, the body will not have time to heal itself, repair muscle and tissue, or replace ageing and dead cells. Unfortunately, many people suffer from sleep deprivation and find it hard to consistently get a good night's sleep. Some may resort to medication such as sleeping pills, which might help in the short run, but will come with delayed side effects.

A natural alternative that has become very popular in recent years is CBD oils. Research has found that CBD oils can reduce and, in some cases, cure insomnia. A common reason that keeps people awake at night is anxiety. By removing this feeling, people would naturally feel more relaxed. CBD has anti-anxiolytic properties; it helps to reduce stress, promote a relaxed state and induce better sleep.


A healthy diet is essential for achieving fitness goals and well-being. The meal plan should include all the necessary ingredients the body needs to build and heal. However, many people find it challenging to maintain a well-balanced meal cycle, often for loss of appetite. Without the proper food, the body wouldn't recover; sufficient protein quantity is needed to build muscle.

The properties of CBD may have an appetite-inducing effect. People have been using CBD to help them gain an appetite. Even if it is unclear how the relationship works, scientists have suggested that it may relate to how CBD binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body. Once bonded, they help regulate feeding behavior and stimulate appetite.

So – CBD and Fitness can it help?

Yes, we have just listed some of the leading areas that benefit from CBD and are crucial in any fitness routine. CBD helps with reducing inflammation, muscle soreness so you can deal with those post-workout pains better. CBD is also calming and relieves anxiety feelings promoting relaxation and sound sleep, which are necessary for recovery and growth. Finally, CBD was found by many to help them maintain their appetite; eating a balanced meal is crucial for maintaining fitness.

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