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About the Institute of Natural Medicine

The Institute of Natural Medicine is a non-profit organisation dedicated to transforming society’s relationship to healing and psychoactive plants. By engaging in some of the fundamental issues that follow from the globalisation of ethnobotanical plants, including fungi, ayahuasca and iboga, we strive to impart knowledge and understanding of the medicine of nature.

What we do

We are the incubator for changing the paradeems that are destroying the human body and mother earth.

Our philosophy is that only by conscious actions we can make this planet a better place.

We provide the alternative to the humanity and by making it possible to chose the sustainable natural solution we are the driving force-generating the change to restore balance in the human body mind and mother nature.


For 100 years it has been popular to make medicine synthetically because of price of production was cheaper then, collect the medicine in nature. When our gran fathers made the choice they did not know that it will be more expensive in the end as solution is the price we have to pay and because the synthetical drugs are bad copy they have side effects on human body creating more harm then good.

To many peoples surprise most of the medicine in pharmacies are just bad copies of herbal medicine that has been know to mankind for thousands of years and 100 years ago the pharmacy only had natural medicine. We simply say let's get back to nature and do what we know works, the wild medical herbs without pouting the environment.


At Institute of Natural Medicine we are unlocking the secrets of nature, identity beneficial native medical plants. Research the properties and how to create beneficial environment to grow them on large scale in balance with the natural surroundings without compromising other plants.

We the investigate how the bioactive components can be extracted finding robust upscale technological solutions and develop them. We work closely with private companies helping them with the scientific data that is needed to commercialize the bioactive components and help set up productions even do service of extraction and purification.


We imagine a future where psychoactive plant methods are valued and integrated into society, as a form of treatment without harmful side effects or addictive substances.


The Institute of Natural Medicine is dedicated to transforming society's relationship to psychoactive and healing plants. We do this by engaging in some of the fundamental issues that follow from the globalisation of medicinal plants, ayahuasca, iboga and other ethnobotanical, as well as disseminating news and results of research.


Environmental sustainability

Human rights approach

Reduction of risks and damages and maximisation of benefits

Respect for indigenous and spiritual traditions

Honour the cultural diversity

Transparency and integrity

Evidence-based decision-making

Respectful, committed and cooperative relationships

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Strategic Plan

The Institute of Natural Medicine is dedicated to turning challenges into opportunities. Our vision is a future where this ethnobotanical practice is an integrated and valued part of society, where every individual and every society has the right to pursue healing and self-reliance, where indigenous cultures are respected and where bridges are built between traditional knowledge and science.

We collect plants from wild nature and study the benefits and make them available to the modern world. We work mainly in the wildest untouched nature, the congo rainforest and Nordic wild forests. Our organization is dedicated to transforming society’s relationship with plants. We do this by engaging with some of the fundamental issues resulting from the globalization of psilocybin, ayahuasca, iboga, and other ethnobotanicals.

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